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At Greenlight Marketers, our job is to make you more profitable so you can focus on improving your business, products, and services.

Whether you need more and better leads, more customers and orders, or a more expert execution of your overall marketing goals, the Greenlight Marketers team is here to help.

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What We Do

Search Ads
Shopping Ads
Remarketing Ads
Video Ads
Display Ads
Conversion Rate Optimization
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Our Process

FREE Action Plan

The first thing we’ll do is learn about your business and marketing goals so we can develop a high-level marketing action plan specifically for you. If you’re currently advertising with Google, we’ll also perform a detailed audit of your Google Ads account and campaigns to identify wasted spend and missing growth. We’ll then analyze your industry, your online competition, and your website, and boil all our findings and feedback down into a practical online marketing action plan for your business.

You’ll get a detailed overview of the good and bad of your current marketing situation, and a high-level roadmap for what and how we’d do things differently based on an expert execution of the right marketing priorities for your target audience and business goals.

Our Process

Implementation & Execution

If you hire us, we will turn our high-level marketing plan for your business into a completely customized execution strategy. We’ll create ad campaigns tailor-made for your business goals and your target audiences, and aligned with your marketing budget. Using your business’s unique competitive advantages and our marketing expertise, we’ll work closely with your team to ensure that your website and business are well-optimized to convert relevant traffic into leads and/or orders from our campaigns. Then it’s launch time!

Our Process

Ongoing Optimization and Scaling

It doesn’t matter how great a plan is if it’s not constantly being tweaked based on new information. As the saying goes, “No plan survives first contact with the enemy.” Similarly, after launch and until the end of time, your dedicated Greenlight Marketers team will be making regular strategic optimizations to our campaigns for you. These ongoing changes and improvements, based on continuous new data from our campaigns and your feedback, will be critical to your marketing success as we work hard to exceed your expectations and help you grow your business.

Our Pledge to You

Regular communication with your dedicated Client Success Manager.
Clear reporting on the performance metrics that matter to your business.
You will have complete ownership of your advertising accounts and intellectual property.
No long-term contracts.
Straightforward pricing with no hidden fees.
We succeed by helping you succeed.

Our Results